common problem

Q1:Can I place an order without a registered member??

A: Yes, you can place an order normally without a registered member, but you will not be able to check the order status in the future, so in order to protect your shopping rights, it is recommended to join the member first.入會員喲!


Q2:How to register as a member?

A: After entering the FAAM official website, click on the directory in the upper right corner of the page, and the selection bar will pop up on the left, click on the new user registration and follow the instructions to fill in and submit.指示填寫送出即可。


Q3:Can I register after placing an order??

A: Yes, after the order is placed, there should be two messages in the e-mail box where you placed the order. One is from FAAM. Thank you for your order#......-The notification letter is being processed and the other is from SHOPLINE. Please set up an account password notification letter立帳戶密碼」通知信。

Please click on the message of SHOPLINE and follow the instructions to set a password to successfully register as a member會員。


Q4: How to contact customer service?

A: In order to help you solve the problem more quickly, please contact the following departments for your needs::

A: In order to help you solve the problem more quickly, please contact the following departments for your needs::

  • Issues related to order return and exchange products問題

Line official account: @vxn7024c


  • Marketing planning cooperation and other matters宜


Q5:How long does it take to receive the goodsHow to notify you after the remittance is completed?

A: After the order is set up, it takes 3-7 working days to stock up and deliver to the logistics logistics after the order is set up. It also takes 3-4 days to deliver to your designated supermarket, so it takes 3-12 days in total12天。

The remittance order will take 23 working days to reconcile and send after the preparation is completed. In the event of a shortage, we will notify you in a short message簡訊通知。



Q6: Can I return or exchange the product if it is found to be defective貨?

A: If the product is defective or wrong, please的「30Within days」Contact customer service for return and exchange。

     Because the socks are personal items, they cannot be returned or exchanged after they are opened貨



Q7:How to choose the size of socks

A: Because the socks are elastic, you can choose the size of your usual shoes可


 Q8: How to check product shipment status?

A: Inquiry about the progress of the family's collection and payment of goods:

     7-11 Inquiry about the progress of goods collection and

     Convenience with mailing progress query:


Q9:Will there be a fee for swiping the card??

A: FAAM does not charge a handling fee and the card handling fee is charged by the card system取:

  1. Swipe through the Green World