😱 Eating instant noodles is equal to Bai Lian

😱 Eating instant noodles is equal to Bai Lian
🍜The main ingredient of instant noodles is flour and carbohydrates seem to be okay, but one of its production processes is to use oil and a lot of oil.量的過油。
The fats and oils used in the food industry are never considered for health, which means that most of them are bad fats.「壞脂肪」。
🥢There are also MSG, flavor and oil in the seasoning bag, not only for fitness, but also for cardiovascular health大的威脅。
Instant noodles lack most of the trace elements needed by the human body and have no nutritional value值!
🥡Instant noodles are often considered junk food and can easily lead to obesity致肥胖。
The calories of 100g instant noodles generally exceed 500 calories. Generally speaking, if we calculate a bowl of rice according to 200g, it will be more than 200 calories, which shows that the calories of instant noodles are high.熱量之高。
🧃Why is instant noodles called junk food??
This is not only the reason for the calories, but also the comprehensive nutritional problem. Instant noodles are mainly oil and carbohydrates, and the content of sodium is particularly high. A meal of instant noodles often contains more than our body needs in a day. Protein, vitamins, crude fiber, etc. Too little, therefore, it is generally not recommended that you eat more instant noodles. It is especially true for fitness people.,對於增肌沒有什麼好處。