Most people think that lifting weight is more dangerous, in fact, eccentric contraction is the most vulnerable

What is the best range of activity that is effective without injury度?

Generally, I often hear people in the gym saying that no matter what exercise you do, you must achieve the largest range of activity as much as possible. This is the most effective and safest method. Isn’t it effective if you don’t reach the limit到極限就沒效嗎?

Which is better, partial or full range of activity?

To answer this question, the advantages and disadvantages must be measured separately. No action in the field of muscle strength training has advantages and no disadvantages, so it is no exception when discussing whether fitness exercises should be the limit.也不例外。

The benefits of full range of motion and some disadvantages of range of motion處

To achieve the effect of any exercise, there is no doubt that a specific joint angle must be made. In a study of beginner athletes, one group of athletes performed a curl at a 50-degree angle, and the other group performed a curve at a 130-degree angle. After 10 weeks with the full range of motion, the biceps development status of the two groups were compared組的二頭肌發育狀況。

It was found that the increase in muscle strength of the two groups was 16 and 25, and the difference in the increase in muscle mass was smaller, 7.83 and 9.65及9.65%。

However, there is still a considerable range from 50 degrees to 130 degrees that can increase the range of joint motion without reaching the limit. It seems more feasible to use a 100-degree angle for curling at the end of the motion and still keep the arm slightly bent. In fact, the range of joint motion can be pushed to The limit is not completely without harm or risk壞處或風險。