Fitness coaches dispel two myths:partial weight loss? Sorry, there is no such option

Sorry for partial slimming without this option選項

In fact, you can’t blame everyone for this type of myth, because the Internet is so full of false information about practicing the mermaid line in eight minutes a day, one action can only be done eight times a day, etc. You must be very honest to tell everyone that there is no simple way to subtract. If there is a certain part of fat, as a fitness coach, I would definitely teach you how to lose weight, but in fact, where the fat loss is determined by the body’s genes, it cannot be controlled by myself.是身體基因決定,並非自己能控制。

If you really want to lose fat, you should exercise your whole body with the same principles as gaining muscle. Like some online opinion leaders, small model influencers rely on the mistakes of bloggers. TABATA information teaches more people the wrong concept of fitness.誤的健身觀念。

High-intensity interval trainingTABATAIn fact, it was originally designed as a training method for professional athletes. 20 seconds of high intensity with 10 seconds of rest. Repeating eight sets of these four minutes is really that simple. This matter of high intensity means that it is not suitable for ordinary people who have not been trained. Don't talk about people who are overweight and want to lose weight又想瘦身的人了。

As a professional fitness trainer, I barely finish my physical training. At the end, I feel a little nauseous. It is really difficult and potentially dangerous. So if you think of this relaxed exercise method for a few minutes a day If it can replace hard training and diet control, I suggest you try and stick to it for a month first. I can only say that it’s good to cultivate exercise habits.養運動習慣也不錯。